Entities are variables within a document set. They have a name and a value. The name con­sists of a string which may contain alphanumeric characters (letters, numbers) and the under­score character (‘_’). The value may be any character string; it may also contain references to other entities.

Entities may be defined in a document set and its subfolders or in templates within the docu­ment set:

      In a document set or a subfolder, select  File    Change Entities  in the top menu and sub­sequently enter name and value of the entity. Click [New attribute] to enter further entities.

      Within templates, entities are defined with the notation

<entity name="name_of_entity">



The name of an entity must not be empty. Entering an empty entity name will not create an entity. If you delete the name of an existing entity in the  File    Change Entities  action, the whole entity will be deleted.

You refer to entities using the notation


You may refer to entities within templates or within entity value definitions.

Scope of entity definitions

Entities defined in the document set folder may be referred to from anywhere in folder entity definitions or in templates of the document set and its folders. Entities defined in a specific folder of the document set may be referred to from anywhere below this folder, i.e. in tem­plates contained in this folder or its subfolders, and in entity definitions of folders subordinate to this folder: the scope of entity definitions follows the folder hierarchy. Existing entity defi­nitions may be replaced (overridden) by new definitions in subordinate folders or within tem­plates.